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Are you interested in learning about voice over for live events, videos, animation, gaming, commercials, audiobooks or narration? Brent Halfyard is a professional voice coach who will help you discover your vocal range, improve confidence and understand performance and acting techniques for each genre.

As a lifelong vocalist in the studio and for live performances, Brent can help you discover your true vocal range as a singer for more confidence, vocal strength, and vocal health.  


Nakai working hard!_edited.jpg
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Need a voice demo? A demo is your calling card and must be top notch. Halfyard Studios is our main voice over company and we've produced hundreds of demos for voice actors and singers.



Meet the Coach

Hi I’m Brent Halfyard, professional voice actor, singer, and voice coach. I’ve been coaching for over 15 years, my youngest student was 6, my oldest was 80. I’ve helped students get agents and paying jobs, I’ve worked with corporations, CEOs and employees to improve their speaking skills.

I also have decades of singing experience on stage and in the studio. WIth my opera training background, I can help you discover your true singing voice through discovery and exercises for more confidence and vocal power. If you choose to work with me I’ll share all the secrets and tips I’ve learned over my career. I’ll customize a lesson plan based on your ability and career goals. We can work in person here at Ukee Sound or remotely via Zoom.

If you’re interested in a class or group coaching, go to our booking page for a FREE Consultation or email me about availability and rates. 

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