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Voice Coach

Hi, I'm Brent Halfyard. I started my own vocal journey singing at a young age, touring with rock bands performing 20-30 songs night after night. Eventually it took its toll. My voice and vocal cords grew tired and some nights I could hardly sing at all.

Looking for a solution, I was introduced to a vocal coach (who trained Bryan Adams). He taught me his incredible opera techniques and it not only saved my vocal cords from damage, but actually increased my range and my confidence.

Now that I am a professional voice coach, that opera training is still a big part of my method that I will teach you. That, combined with my years of live and studio singing, I'll help you find your own vocal sweet spot, understand your range and discover the musical keys best suited for your voice. And of course breathing exercises and techniques! Whatever your genre; rock, rap, country or pop, I'm confident I can offer you exercises and skills to strengthen your voice and your confidence.

Music Placements for Film and TV (SYNC)

Getting your song heard on a TV show, commercial or film can be an amazing and lucrative experience! Synchronization (or SYNC) of a song combined with any visual media is a huge business and only getting bigger.  But there's a method to getting there that I can teach you. Aside from having a great sounding song, you'll need to register the song with a performance rights organization (PRO). And your song will need to presented properly or it will go right to the trash bin! It will need all metadata to be embedded into the actual track file itself plus captivating artwork, split sheets and agreements if working with a collaborator. Then sent to the right people in a professional manner. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is! But because I have been studying SYNC intensely and have been mentored by some of the top SYNC coaches in the industry, I will give you a comprehensive dive into how exactly to do this. It will be in digestible bites as not to overwhelm you. I promise! 

Learn SYNC with Brent

Music As A Business

Music is a business... like it or not, especially if you write and record your own songs. So, what's next? There are a myriad of opportunities to get your music out into the world and having a sound plan is vital. From touring to Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube to Bandcamp to name but a few. It can be a daunting task but I'll help you understand what each platform is, how to get on them and how it can affect your music career. I will also help create and explain what an EPK is (electronic press kit) and how it ties in to your promotion plan. As a lifelong musician and songwriter, I'll teach you everything I know to get started on your career!

Music Bizz with Brent

Music Production

Music today can be produced from bedrooms to big Nashville studios, from tiny indie budgets to huge record label budgets. One thing they all have in common: Quality. For your music to compete at a pro level it's got to have a combination of strong songwriting, performance and mixing/production.

I've produced hundreds of songs and collaborated with many vocalists and songwriters. I have skilled ears and good intuition thanks to my many years of being a musician. Using Protools as my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice, I will work with your suggestions, offering my expertise along the way, as we create your song from a demo to an album/broadcast ready song.

I've also written hundreds of songs (solo and collaborations) so if needed, I can help with the writing, arranging or adding a little  'something' extra. 

Keyboard and console at Ukee Sound
Brent Producer
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