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As we understand most musicians don't have a record company footing the bill, so our rates are very affordable. We love to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.


(Engineer incl.)

Ukee Sound 1st shoot (14)_edited.jpg

Book 1 hour minimum or block book studio time for your project


Custom rate

Ukee Sound 1st shoot (6)_edited.jpg

Production is a huge element in any musical venture and requires not only a trained ear but a big imagination and knowledge of music trends. Ukee Sound delivers both with confidence. You can also ask for the stems/session for export to your producer of choice.


Custom rate

Ukee Sound 1st shoot (6)_edited_edited.jpg

We'll mix your tracks based on your desired sonic specifications, or we can export the session and stems  for your producer.


$50 per track

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After production, mastering is the final stage to polish your track(s) and give it that little bit of 'fairy dust' that can make it pop and measure up to your peers.

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