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Rain by Lee Furnell


Project Complete:

August 9, 2023

B. Halfyard

Aug 9, 2023

Lee Furnell, plumber by day, singer songwriter by night came to Ukee Sound looking to record his first song, Rain. It was in fact, Lee's first time in a recording studio. The song started out at over six minutes long during a live performance, the first stage of the recording process. We then listened critically and scaled the song back to just over three minutes before adding a click track for the reference tracks and the foundation tracks for the final versions. Eventually bass, percussion and layers of vocals were added and a grandiose outro with strings an piano to polish it off. We also mixed a scaled down acoustic version of one guitar and once vocal so there are two distinct versions. Rain, by Lee Furnell is now in rotation on Tuff City Radio. Way to go Lee!

Audio / Video

B. Halfyard

Lee Furnell, Local Ukee Singer, songwriter tracks first single!

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